Free Tools

In support of the Brilliant Leader book, you are welcome to use the following free tools:

Johari Window
Reduce your blindspot and increase your open area:
Postive feedback tool – click here
Negative feedback tool – click here

Competency Matrix
Two templates are provided – one for key leadership competencies and the other for core business skills. Both templates are completely editable based on the requirements for the team you are analysing. Click here (MS Excel).

Recruiting The Best
Download and edit this person specification template in order to help you recruit the best people. Click here (MS Word).

Driving Performance
This template guides you through one-to-one review meetings and enables you to capture the key information arising from the discussion. Remember though, it is the conversation that is the most important aspect of these review meetings and it must not become merely a form filling exercise. Click here (MS Word). 

Personality Questionnaire 
This is a ‘big 5’ personality assessment provided by Finding Potential – click here.

360 Assessment
An online, dashboard based 360 assessment tool provided by Finding Potential – click here.

Engagement Questionnaire
An engagement questionnaire that can be used by leaders or HR professionals on teams, individuals or the wider organization. The third free tool provided by Finding Potential – click here.

I will try to add more free tools to this section when time allows. If you would like to volunteer any free resources, please contact me.

See you at the top :)


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