Leadership is not an exact science but there are some founding principles that have been proven to be effective over the years. I have tried to capture these best practices in my book, Brilliant Leader, which is now in its fourth year of publication and its second edition. But leadership is about more than a set of best practices – it is about people, their environment and handling the ever changing landscape that is being created by technology and globalization.

These factors provide the primary purpose of this site:

– To help reinforce proven best practices

–  To share the latest thinking and ideas

– To help leaders to continuously develop

When I was considering setting up this site I had to decide if I was prepared to make a commitment of writing at least two new articles each month – I will try to stick to that so that the site remains current and active. I don’t know everything there is to know about leadership and frankly, nobody does. However, I have been involved in leadership and leadership development for over 25 years now which means two things:

1. I have plenty of experience to offer, and

2. I know that I still have plenty to learn

So I invite you to come on the learning journey with me. I hope you will find plenty of value in this site and that together we can also have some fun along the way.  Please feel free to post polite and constructive comments that are on topic. And if you have an idea for a relevant guest article (with contextual links included), please contact me to discuss your idea.

See you at the top :)
Simon Cooper
Leaderdship Development Specialist


All opinions expressed by me on this site are exactly that – my personal opinions –  and are not necessarily shared by my employer, Informatica Corporation, where I  work in Organization Effectiveness, developing leaders and supporting intiatives around talent acquisition, talent engagement, talent management, talent growth and talent retention.

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