Neuroleadership Summit 2013

July 19, 2013 Simon Miscellaneous

The EMEA Neuroleadership Summit 2013 is coming to London 24-26th September. As this new area of applied science continues to evolve and gather pace, it is good to see the revised format of this year’s summit.

Day 1 will be Neuroleadership 101, enabling new entrants and students to the field to become familiar previous research and established best practices. This is a great addition to the summit and will allow newcomers to benefit while those already well versed in the field can focus on the latest developments without having their experience diluted.

Day 2 and the morning of day 3 will be the full summit where the latest research and findings will be presented by a variety of scientists and business leaders. The theme of this year’s main summit is the Neuroscience of Leadership Effectiveness.

The afternoon of day 3 will be a research forum for NLI students and scientists.

In fact, the only downside this year is that I am reliably informed there will NOT be an Argentine Tango session – which is a shame because I have been taking lessons all year.

I will be posting updates from the summit, so stay tuned.

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