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May 9, 2012 Simon Leadership Development

For my final session at ASTD 2012 I thought I would try something a little different and went to the Leader as Storyteller presented by Evrim Kuram of Dinamo Training and Consulting. Evrim means evolution in Turkish (which was so memorable because of her first story) and the lady herself had a delightful presentation style – lots of energy and very engaging.

In truth, this session focused primarily on why leaders should tell stories (i.e. if content is King, then context is Queen) rather than providing guidance on how to tell stories. For example, did you know that people are 22 times more likely to retain data when receiving it via a story? The only time we got into the ‘how’ of storytelling was when we did a break-out session around writing our own leadership metaphors. This was fun learning and if this is an indication of how Evrim delivers her training, then I’m sure her company and concepts will be very successful. I will certainly be retaining her details for future reference.

For me, this was the best ASTD conference I have attended to date. I caught up with some old friends, went to some great sessions (in fact, I didn’t go to a single duff session this year) and there were no session evaluation forms either J

What were my main takeaways from this year’s conference?

– Learning Agility is key to hiring and developing leaders of the future

– Organizations need to move more towards developing leaders through well targeted on job experiences supported by effective coaching.

– Organizations need to move towards developing people’s careers via exposure to new skills and experiences and rewarding talent (i.e. what people bring to the party) rather than relying on hierarchical structures as the primary reward system.

– Organizations need to develop both Hi-Pos and Hi-Pros (breadth and depth, respectively).

– Coaching is key to leadership development and talent development and the L&D profession really needs to drive in this direction and away from traditional classroom based training.

And finally…

A big thank you to ASTD for putting on another great annual conference. Next year, we’re all off to Dallas.


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