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February 14, 2012 Simon Leadership Development

I recently came across a great site, aptly named Finding Potential, that offers a bunch of free, high quality assessment tools. These tools provide a very useful solution for companies of all sizes and are focused in three areas:

Personality Assessment – This is a simple personality questionnaire baed on self-assessment by individuals. It is ideally used as a predictive tool to support the hiring process. In order for this to be most effective you should start by benchmarking your ideal candidate profile based on the key performance criteria for each role and/or your most successful people who are currently in that role. I would also advise that you never rely on a personality assessment when hiring but rather, use the results in conjunction with behavioural based interviewing (BBI).

360 Assessment – This is a professional 360 Assessment Tool that enables the prioritzation of competencies by both the individual and their manager followed by 131 questions to explore those competencies from a variety of respondents including; the individual, their manager, their peers, their direct reports and other relevant stakeholders. It is less cumbersome than many commercial 360 tools while offering an intuitive admin area and comprehensive reporting. The system also automates email invitations and reminders.

Engagement Questionnaire – How engaged are your people? While many companies run an annual employee engagement survey, it is often not particularly helpful to individual leaders and managers. This engagement questionnaire enables leaders and managers to run a localized survey of their entire team or various individuals within a team.

There are no catches in the Finding Potential service. It is run by a UK based consultancy firm called Talent Drain. The tools are completely free to use and of course, require registration (one per company). The only time a charge might be incurred is if you request customization of the tools or want to access any of their premium reports. However, the off-the-shelf solution and standard reports are completely adequate for most purposes.

All in all, these tools offer outstanding value and are very useful in support of leaders or HR professionals who are taking a proactive approach to talent management.

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