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November 10, 2011 Simon Miscellaneous

I am delighted to announce that Brilliant Leader is now a featured contributor to Leadership Digital. This excellent portal enables you to access the latest and very best articles around leadership, management and leadership development as they are published. You can also search for historic articles by topic, concept, leadership gurus and industry focus.

You can see how many tweets each article has received and view other articles from the same author or source. And of course, the site has a search feature if you prefer to search by keyword rather than categorization structure on the site.

Going forward, Leadership Digital will feature all new articles from Brilliant Leader as they appear and our back catalog of articles will also be available. On the sidebar of the Brilliant Leader site you will be able to easily view our back catlog of articles alongside those of other sites by viewing the primary topic or concept categories.

I hope this development enhances your reading and research experience while visiting both Brilliant Leader and Leadership Digital.

See you at the top :)

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