November, 2011

Leadership Bite Size – Be Positive

November 29, 2011 Simon Leadership Bite Size

Starting today I am introducing a new feature category to this site – Leadership Bite Size. This will be a series of tips and techniques for becoming an effective leader and will enable me to share with you small yet powerful ideas on a regular basis. The first of these tips is to be positive. […]


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Leading With the Brain in Mind

November 25, 2011 Simon Leadership Development

In October I wrote an article introducing the SCARF model that has been developed by Dr David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute. Today, I’d like to take the concept further by exploring some of the key activities that might provide a threat stimulus and therefore, an away reaction versus those that provide a reward stimulus […]


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Do Cultural Boundaries Exist?

November 14, 2011 Simon Leadership Development

Anyone who works for a global organization will be familiar with the issue of working across cultural boundaries but my provocative question is; do they really exist? And moreover, to what extent do these boundaries need to be addressed in order for global organizations thrive? Of course every country and in many cases, regions within […]


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Leadership Digital

November 10, 2011 Simon Miscellaneous

I am delighted to announce that Brilliant Leader is now a featured contributor to Leadership Digital. This excellent portal enables you to access the latest and very best articles around leadership, management and leadership development as they are published. You can also search for historic articles by topic, concept, leadership gurus and industry focus. You […]


How should we measure leadership potential?

November 6, 2011 Simon Leadership Development

In talent management circles, the received wisdom is that leadership potential is best measured by assessing learning agility – often described as an individual’s ability to learn, adapt and change. I believe this makes a certain amount of sense as people who have these three attributes would be able to learn the skills required to […]


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